When you look at it like THIS from Glenn Beck, Trump has done a lot.

It’s easy to forget everything Trump has accomplished when all we hear from most of the media is ‘orange man bad’. Hell, the New York Times dedicated an entire section of their rag to unseating the president. Glenn putting everything together in a thread cuts through all of the noise …

Take a look.

Seems he was directing this to Ben Sasse who more often than not, is hardly a Trump fan.

Keep going.

But but but … he said mean things!

Biden will unite the people or something.

How many Nobel Peace Prizes has Trump been nominated for?

That. ^

Obama told people they didn’t build things.

Trump reminded them they did and could.

Remember when they called Trump xenophobic for banning travel from China and Europe?

Glenn remembers.

Looks like Beck will be continuing his thread so we’ll keep an eye on it.

Gosh, sounds like Trump has done a pretty good job. No wonder the media is acting even more unhinged than usual.



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