You can tell from reading Neera Tanden’s tweets she is a Hillary-ite. Gross, hateful, snide, and smug … she fits right in with Hillary’s brand of awful.

Like this hit on Marc Caputo over the Hunter Biden story, and claiming media has buckled? Huh?

Notice she’s bringing up RUSSIA.

Every time we see one of these nobs screech about Russia we are reminded of how badly they mocked Romney when he said Russia was our greatest threat.

They’re just so fake and disingenuous.

Richard Grenell chimed in:

We think they’re more like activists than advocates but yeah.

Oh yeah. Everything is RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.

Except COVID.

That’s ‘orange man bad.’

*all the eye rolls*

Richard called Neera out again:


And yeah, thanks Neera!

She snapped back:

Wait, did she just call Richard an anti-Semite?


He replied perfectly …


Then he ended it.

Have we mentioned Richard is our spirit animal? Because yeah.



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