Simmer down, Nancy Pelosi, you have no power here.

From Axios:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has given the White House a 48-hour deadline to reconcile differences in stimulus negotiations “to demonstrate that the administration is serious about reaching a bipartisan agreement,” a top Pelosi aide tweeted Sunday night.

We’re sure Trump is all a-flutter with fear.

She has been blocking COVID relief off and on since this whole mess started but SUUUUUURE, the breakthrough depends on Trump.

Gawd she’s just a horrible sack of harpy.

Or she’ll blame him for her inaction on COVID relief which she’s already done so eh. Maybe she should just go back to SF and eat her super-expensive artisan ice cream while her city falls apart around her.

She’s trying REALLY hard to seem big and tough here, and most of her vapid base will see this as her attempt at getting this done, but anyone with half a brain can see this is just a game.

Yup. If she really wants to help people she could put through a simple bill for stimulus checks that Trump has said he will sign off on IMMEDIATELY.

But then she can’t hold the American people hostage for her crap demands.

Yup, basically.



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