Kirstie Alley has got a serious case of the red pill. Heh.

And the Left is doing what it always does when any actor dares admit they’re not a screeching, crazy, socialist progressive … having a fit and trying to pretend her career was pointless. To put it in perspective they started trending Shelly Long to hurt Kirstie’s feelings.

They really are simple little things.

All Kirstie said was this:

How dare she?!!??!

And they think they’re the good guys?

Look at this unhinged hatred:

They cannot accept that anyone would disagree with them.

Pathetic, right?

Yes, the virus was totally Trump’s fault.

Jeebus these people.

Like anyone voting for Biden.

She responded.

They are basically making Kirstie’s case for her.



Every day, Democrats make more Republican voters than Trump could ever come up with.

Love wins.




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