Ben Shapiro quite frankly nailed it with this dig at Savannah Guthrie after watching that ridiculous NBC Town Hall last night with Trump. For whatever reason, Savannah seemed to think her job was debating Trump, not facilitating questions from the audience.

Perhaps she was trying out for her next role, as Ben tweeted:

She was definitely working against Trump last night and was far from neutral.

For whatever reason, Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens decided to pick a fight with Ben over his tweet.

Huh? A guy responsible for a group that is actively working to elect a Democrat lecturing Ben about conservatism.


And here comes the smackdown:


We still don’t know why people think it’s smart to pick a fight with Ben.

But here we are.


It’s probably a dig at conservatives who are tired of getting beaten up by the Left and calling it out instead of sitting back and pretending they’re above it all.

Or it’s a lame attempt at owning Ben that backfired.

Maybe both.



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