For those of you who missed NBC’s Trump Town Hall with Savannah Guthrie (or those of you who watched and would still enjoy a recap), Mollie Hemingway was live-tweeting during the ‘show.’

And wow, while this editor knew Savannah Guthrie’s ‘moderating’ was bad, seeing it described by Mollie Hemingway?


Pretty objective start, yes?

Who knew Trump was debating Savannah Guthrie?

She’s got to get down to the important issues ya’ know.


She was a hot mess.

Honestly, we’re not sure there was any answer Trump gave that Savannah didn’t interrupt.

It was as if she wanted a fight.



There was definitely an agenda here.

Not the only thing she doesn’t understand.


Who Tom Nichols wanted doxxed, yup.

Voters were actually pretty great.

And Trump did a pretty good job overall.

Savannah though? Yikes.



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