Hale Razor noticed something very telling in the way the media reacted to the news that two people on Team Kamala Harris have tested positive for COVID as opposed to how they reacted when the White House had an outbreak.

Now there’s a word we don’t hear often enough, troglodytes.

And boy howdy, did he nail it or what?

When the White House ‘broke out’ with the virus we lost count of the number of people who claimed Trump and his evil racist administration deserved it, how they were reckless and didn’t take the virus seriously enough, blah blah blah. But now two people on Kamala’s team have tested positive and it’s all THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS OMG THIS VIRUS IS SOOOO LIKE DANGEROUS.

Predictable but still.


Kamala got it because Trump is racist or something … white supremacy?

We’re just trying to keep up with the narrative these days.

Wait, asking people to actually THINK?! Careful, that sort of behavior on Twitter could get you suspended.



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