The Lincoln Project just dropped their latest ad to hurt the orange man and yeah … it’s one of their dumber efforts.

Watch (if you can stand it):

Lincoln called, he would like these douche-canoes to change the name of their organization. Thanks.


What a bunch of nonsensical bullsh*t that will convince literally NO ONE to vote for Biden. They do realize how Kamala Harris got her big break, right?

Understanding where she started does not make someone sexist.

No, tweets like these from Rick Wilson do:

Notice Tom pulled these tweets back in July, back when The Lincoln Project fired Ben Howe for ‘crude tweets’ about women.

It’s like The Lincoln Project just sits around making stupid ads aka resist-porn for the Left … wait it’s not ‘like that,’ it is that.

What else have they actually done?

Except maybe harass Dominoes because Kayleigh McEnany likes their pizza?

But wait, there’s even more!

Like the time he wished the virus on the First Lady? Oh, he said that wasn’t what he meant but ahem …


And still more:

You know, if this group is going to continue to try and take Trump out they MIGHT want to do a serious search on Rick’s tweets and make sure he’s not doing EXACTLY what they’re accusing Trump of doing.

And oftentimes, he’s even worse.



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