Another day, another completely ridiculous, laughable, and sad lecture from a media head babbling about Trump not allowing COVID to stop him from living his life. Imagine being this outraged that the president not only beat the virus but is back out there campaigning harder than ever before.

You’d think this would be encouraging, that a man in his 70s who admittedly doesn’t have the best diet or lead the healthiest lifestyle was able to defeat a virus that has forced many a blue governor to keep their states locked down but oh no …

Like this hot mess from Alisyn Camerota:

CNN is consistent … consistently awful.

How dare Trump not be terrified of COVID?! How dare he double down and tell Americans not to be afraid?! THEY NEED US TO BE AFRAID.

And WTF is this babbling about forcing unwanted kisses on the crowd?

He’s not Biden.

Sad is just one word to describe them.




Douche-canoes …

Those all work too.

Like Pavlov’s dogs.

Now there’s an unwanted kiss.

Coons standing there with a goofy look on his face as Biden forces an unwanted kiss on his daughter.

When will Alysin report on that?



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