Just like last week, Drew Holden took time from his busy schedule owning stupid people on Twitter to re-up his first fact-check as a means to fact-check last night’s VP Debate. Think of this as a fact-checking of the fact-checkers part two.

Man, that’s a lot of fact-checking.

Objectively wrong points.

AKA lies.

Ok ok, we’ll let Drew do his thing.

It’s literally on their silly little website.

We’ve been fact-checking this BS for years now.

Harris knows it’s not true.

Biden knows it’s not true.

They just assume the people who would vote for them are too stupid to know any better.

Kamala trying to explain Russian bounties was one of the funniest parts of the debate.

And not in a good way for her.

It’s the media.

That’s why.

It was not a good debate for Kamala, like at all.

But you guys knew that.



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