As Twitchy readers know, Kayleigh McEnany has officially tested positive for COVID.

After testing negative consistently every day since Thursday.

And of course, the brave firefighters in the media are making her positive all about them because you know, SHE WAS RECKLESSLY ENDANGERING LIVES!!!

At least according to Olivia Nuzzi that is:

What part of the statement did Olivia not understand? The moment Kayleigh tested positive she quarantined. *shrug*

Besides, if they were all wearing masks and staying six feet away they should be fine anyway, right?



You’d almost think the reporters throwing a fit weren’t wearing their masks and or social distancing when the cameras were off.


So what’s the big deal? Masks somehow magically protect us from this virus so they should be FINE.


And if true, so revealing.

Ding ding ding.

How do they know they didn’t give it to Kayleigh? Asking for a friend.

Just to be safe.

Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?

Quiet … for four years.




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