Remember the riots that destroyed cities over the summer and in some cases continue to destroy those same cities? Like Portland?

You ‘member.

Seems Byron York has noticed the media has magically stopped covering said riots.

Could it be they realized the riot coverage was actually hurting Biden?

*and crickets*

Sounds like that ‘idea’ is certainly out causing a whole lot of destruction in these cities.

Just sayin’.

They blame everything on Trump.

The guy literally got sick and they blamed him.

They don’t want people to remember Biden’s VP helped raise bail for these a-holes. Nope.

Anything to sever that tie between Democrats and Antifa.

Democrats and the riots.

Even though you’d have to be a complete moron to think otherwise.

We’re not exactly holding our breath.

Of course, the violence and unrest are still going on, it’s just no longer beneficial to the Left.



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