Yesterday, when President Trump went for a car ride the media and the Left lost their damn minds. It was fascinating to watch the same people who have been fine with defunding law enforcement and turning a blind eye to cops being assaulted over the summer during countless riots suddenly care SO MUCH for their lives and safety.

The only lives our Leftist pals ever really care about are the ones convenient to their agenda.

Dan Bongino called them out as only he can:


Not one story.

And then for whatever reason, Claire McCaskill decided to pick a fight … you’d think if she knows anything about Bongino she’d know this was ridiculously stupid.

Guess how this went.

Now you’d think she’d slink off and go back under whatever rock she calls home but NOPE.

Mr. Bone Spurs.

There’s a reason Claire lost.

If only she’d delete her account immediately.

But then whatever would we write about?



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