As information about the medications Trump’s doctors are prescribing to him made its way around social media, Twitter was suddenly filled with drug experts who claimed one of his meds would actually make him too crazy to do his job.

Or something.

Yeah, since the president tested positive for the virus, people like Bill Kristol have become more unbearable than ever.

They still can’t accept the man won, even now.

Luckily (for us), Matt Dawson who is actually a pharmacist ‘in real life’ explained quite pointedly to Kristol why he and his tweet were both stupid:

We’ll listen to the actual pharmacist, thanks.

Matt’s whole timeline yesterday was his explaining how these meds work and that they do NOT incapacitate people who take them.

Yes, yes everything IS stupid.

Yay, job security for us!

Every day!

But then that means there are people on this medication all over the country who could LITERALLY GO INSANE.


They’re a-holes, Matt.

All of them.

These lunatics are all over Twitter. They’ve gone from rooting for his death to hoping beyond hope his meds somehow hurt him.

And they want us to give them control over OUR healthcare?





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