They still can’t accept Trump won.

Greg Pinelo is a Democratic strategist and a former ad maker for Obama.

Greg here thinks that since Trump has tested positive for COVID that we should invoke the 25th amendment.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t tweet it.

Note: Greg tried to delete this tweet shortly after we put it in this article. Luckily, we don’t trust anyone not to delete their tweets SO we’ve got a screenshot.

But nice try, Greg.

Incapable of performing his duties?


And look at that … trying so hard to make Pelosi president.

These people.

You keep dreamin’.

Not in the least.

When Boris Johnson tested positive he actually gained support.

Just sayin’.

Awww, the Teletubbies.

Don’t ask.


See, after it goes to Pelosi, via executive order she nullifies the 2016 election and makes Hillary president.

Of course, we’re joking but maybe we shouldn’t give the Democrats any ideas.




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