Nice try Alyssa … but no.

Real leaders know which office they’re running for.

Real leaders know they couldn’t possibly have been a senator for 180 years.

Real leaders don’t tell Black Americans ‘they ain’t black’ if they don’t vote for them.

Real leaders don’t call our troops ‘stupid bastards.’

Real leaders know they’re not running for reelection with Barak Obama.

Real leaders can tell their wives from their sisters.

We could do this all day BUT instead we’ll just share Alyssa’s tweet with you all.

It’s creepy, right?

There’s just something really off about watching an old guy smiling at a camera in the dark while putting a mask on.

Whoa though, she’s actually allowing people to respond to her tweets for once. Color us shocked.

Ding ding ding.

We laughed.

Funny how her so-called real leader has so much in common with thieves and robbers.

The jokes really do write themselves.



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