As Twitchy readers know, a bunch of BLM ‘protesters’ harassed elderly people in Florida who were just trying to have dinner because that somehow will stomp out racism in this country. Oh, wait. No, it won’t. Let’s try that again. A bunch of jacka*ses attacked elderly diners in Florida because they’re well … jacka*ses.

Sharyl Attkisson came up with a much more effective nickname for these so-called protesters:

Boo and yah.

These ‘protests’ only help Trump.

Biden, Harris, even Pelosi, are trying awfully hard to distance themselves NOW, yup.

But many Americans are already to the ‘too little, too late,’ point with these riots.

Womp womp.

Good parenting.

Cue heads exploding.

Some of the BEST.

Trump should send them a thank you card.

And cookies.



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