Nebraska, you might want to rethink Sen. Megan Hunt.

Just sayin’.

Imagine tweeting a thread like this about a man who killed himself … this is who the Democrats have become.

Take a look:


What about justice for the man who killed himself?

She thought this was deep and meaningful.

Pretty sure those people looting and burning down buildings and assaulting innocents aren’t white supremacists. Then again, we suppose Antifa could have plenty of them and we’d have no idea. They do seem to hate a lot of people.

So she smeared him as a white supremacist after he killed himself BUT wants to talk about the crisis of suicide.

Alrighty then.

Just repugnant.

This is the man she is calling a white supremacist … the man who took his own life:

Seems like a really crappy white supremacist to us.

Nah, she should leave her thread and her account up so we can see who these people REALLY are.



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