We’re starting to wonder if one of the requirements for one of those fancy blue checkmarks on Twitter is a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the very basics and fundamentals of our government. And the number of people (hundreds of thousands!) stupid enough to like what they have to say.

Like this ‘winner’ from Rob Delaney.

Yes, two senators from each state is super racist, Rob.


You know the face you make when you *think* your corgi is passing gas but you’re not sure because it could also be your 13-year-old son who is home doing virtual school and keeps laughing like he’s up to something?

Yup, just made that face.


Seriously, bro.


Repeal the 17th.

Break out the puppets and crayons, folks.

Read a book, dude.

Just make sure it’s an actual Civics book.



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