The Lancaster narrative is spinning and ‘evolving’ right before our very eyes, and it’s absolute garbage … as usual.

Drew Holden, as he often does, took the media to task in another brilliantly brutal thread using their own headlines, narratives, and writing against them and it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

This new breed of mob likes to make heroes out of let’s face it, not great people. The guy CHARGED the policeman with a knife.

What do you think happens to anyone who charges a cop with a knife? Any idea?

Exactly what happened.

Don’t be stupid. Simple enough.

Drew’s thread is something else:

The AP has gotten just as bad as anyone else, sadly.

The knife is a key detail.

Gosh, why would they scrap that?

Yeah yeah, we know, we’re just being smartas*es.

Knife-wielding man.

There, fixed it for them.

Side note, what is with that guy’s hair? What’s in it? Cement?

The freakin’ bodycam footage SHOWS THE ATTACK and crickets.



That’s adorable.

Newsweek sucks. There’s a reason they were sold for $1.

Just sayin’.

Heartbreaking day.



Dude had a knife.

Dude charged the cop.

Dude had stabbed other people.

C’mon, media, don’t make us do your jobs for you.



That’s immature.

But deserved.


Like a volcano? Heh.

Twitter loves their riots.


What he said.

We’ll keep an eye on his thread because he’s probably right … there will be more of these headlines.

Ooh, ooh, we know!



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