Sheesh, calm down, Karen.

Wait, sorry.

Calm down, Governor Sisolak.

Note, there are several tweets in this thread, all shaming the president and claiming PEOPLE WILL DIE because of the rally but we decided to leave them out since you read enough garbage in one day as it is. If you feel like reading a governor-sized Karen thread the whole thing is on Twitter.

Richard Grenell wasn’t having any OF it:

Give ’em Hell, Richard.

For far too long, Democratic governors have been using fear to control their constituents and last night the Trump campaign said enough.

Somehow ‘flattening the curve’ turned into NOBODY WILL GET SICK, EVER.

It’s a joke.

And it needs to end.

Right? A total Karen.

Thanks, Governor Sisolak. You and your fellow Democratic governors have put so many states into play with your authoritarian, draconian regulations and restrictions. We appreciate all your efforts to re-elect Trump.




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