Sarah Huckabee Sanders is still just as fearless as she has always been, especially when dealing with unhinged and insane harpies like the crazies on The View. Apparently, most of the gals on the show didn’t like Sarah’s honesty about the violence taking place in Democrat-run cities.

We get it, her message contradicts the whole ‘orange man bad’ narrative they keep pushing around the riots in blue cities across the country but c’mon, why even have her on if you’re not going to let her talk?


It’s adorable how they try and pretend the violence happening in cities that have been run by Democrats for decades is somehow Trump’s fault. And by adorable we mean predictable, pathetic, and all too annoying.

Then again, this is The View we’re talking about … sooo …

They should call it The Same View maybe?


Truth hurts.

We think it’s worth it because it’s fun watching Sarah take them apart.

Sarah, Twitchy salutes you.



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