Internal polling for supporting thugs, criminals, and murderers in the streets must not be looking so hot for Democrats right now. This is certainly a change in tone …

Gosh, wasn’t it Kamala who said riots would and should continue up until election day?

Haven’t Democrats been pushing for civil unrest for the past several months?


Nice try, Kamala, but no. We see you.

Especially Siraj Hashmi, he REALLY sees you.


That doesn’t sound like she was condemning the violence at all but was in fact encouraging it. Supporting it. Making sure the people committing the violence in fact had bail money.

We’re working on it, man.

We do indeed.

And we’re more than happy to share them with the world.


‘Most IMPORTANT video of 2020’: EVERY time a Democrat blames Trump for ‘the violence’ show them THIS damning video (of themselves!)

Dude. WTAF?! Adam Schiff-For-Brains claiming Russia is exploiting Black Lives Matter to help Trump win does NOT go well, like at all

‘It really IS true … ’Brit Hume takes ridiculous troll claiming NY an NJ are the only ones who handled COVID successfully apart as only he can