As Democrats tried to convince Americans they are the party of unity and peace, two grown-a*s adult women went after a seven-year-old boy and his mom because he dared wear a Trump hat. The DNC tried so hard to build a message of kindness, normalcy, and love … which is quite the opposite of who their supporters really are.

But you know, tell us again how hateful Trump and his supporters are.


Will Biden at least condemn THIS violence? We know he was far too busy during his pretty little speech last night to mention the riots and violence his party has inflicted on our country but SURELY, caring, compassionate, sweet old man Biden will speak out against two frothy-mouthed-hyenas who haven’t showered in a week attacking a child over a hat, right?

Just kidding.

We know he won’t.

We’d be surprised if he remembers who he’s running against.

Note, mom really shouldn’t be telling her son to get his hat back because clearly they are nuts and are fine attacking a child … he says, ‘Mom, call 911.’

But c’mon.

This editor is not thrilled with mom either … just sayin’.


Welcome to 2020.

This is what constant fear-mongering and rage media create, grown women who would steal a hat from a kid.

And sadly all too predictable.



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