If you’re wondering how the Democratic National Convention went over this past week, just take a look at Rose McGowan’s timeline from the last night. Oh sure, Biden managed to get through his speech with minimal gaffes (we’re still not sure if it was live), but the content of said speech and the messaging from the Democrats, in general, seems to have fallen flat.

And meaningless.

And disingenuous.

You know what? We’ll let Rose ‘review’ it:

You are the fraud. You are the lie.


It gets better.

Many people have said they are voting against Democrats more than they’re voting for Trump. Suppose spending four years doing nothing but complaining because the Wicked Witch of the West lost and attacking the man who beat her while ignoring your constituents isn’t such a great plan when it comes to winning the next election.

Who knew?

Oh, that’s right. We all did.

So much for Joe playing the ‘nice old man.’

Rose was less than impressed.

Like most Americans.



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