Alyssa Milano is so full of love, and that’s why she’s a Democrat.


Oh, sorry.

We just couldn’t help ourselves.

No, seriously.

She is so full of love and can’t honestly understand why anyone would be a Republican.


She believes in love.

Because you know, anyone who votes for Republicans clearly does not.

Alyssa was in for a rude awakening, especially from Black Republicans:

Joe Biden has also told Black Americans ‘they ain’t black’ if they don’t vote for him … remember when he said poor kids were as smart as white kids?

Good times.

But LOVE and stuff.

Seems like a lot of good reasons to be a Republican to us.

She really does.

Or she should stop trying to be political … one or the other.

The party that has burned down buildings and destroyed statues … that is actively working to keep children out of school which is a HUGE inequity issue.

But hey, love and stuff.


Look at all that love.

Overwhelming amounts of love.

Others chimed in as well.

So hateful.

Life begins at conception?!

The nerve!

And ouch.

Serious ouch.

This. Alyssa implies only Democrats believe in love.

It’s gross.

And hateful, ironically enough.

Fair point.

Our bad.



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