Huh, seems Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been angry at NBC News since they covered her endorsement of Bernie Sanders at the DNC.

Looking at their headline, we’re not entirely sure what she thinks is fake news or clickbait … she did have one of the shortest speeches at the convention and she did not endorse Biden. What exactly is wrong about this headline?

What pathetic error, Jay? EL OH EL

Literally everything they wrote was accurate.

Granted, it pissed a lot of Democrats off but it wasn’t the media’s job to explain why it was ok for AOC to crap on Biden at the DNC.

That hasn’t kept her from having a multi-day temper tantrum over it though.

Wow, this is an impressive double quote-tweet. We don’t see many of those … heh.

She is really upset about the media misrepresenting what she was doing.

Welcome to Trump’s world, Sandy.


They were fine when this same media aka NBC was reporting BS about Trump and the Republicans.


It’s been deliciously hilarious.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving socialist Democrat.



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