Mollie Hemingway was good enough to play-by-play tweet-thread the first night of the Democratic National Convention … she is tougher than this editor who had to tap out before Michelle Obama even started to speak. It was just that ridiculous.

But she did because she’s a badas*.

Her thread is great.

That would at least make it entertaining. Otherwise, it just felt like the longest, most annoying campaign ad with bad actors ever.

Because they hire marketing people, the same sort of marketing people who work for companies like Pepsi.

Michelle Obama lied, a lot.

Does that count?

Being, you know, human.

Pretending to watch.


The woman who straight-up blamed Trump for her father’s death? AND DEMOCRATS INCLUDED IT IN THEIR CONVENTION?!

When they show you who they really are, believe them.

But you know, it’s not political or anything.

Not enough good lighting on the planet to keep her from looking like a wax figure in a horror scene at a wax museum. She’s so shiny.


Like how Kasich was a big deal?

They couldn’t even get his name right.


Probably better than Kamala though.

Bernie getting caught before his speech? Priceless.

Super harsh.

You’d think by now she’d realize the race card is overplayed and yet here we are.



And fin.

Mollie really took one for the team.



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