Michelle Obama cared SO MUCH about her speech at the Democratic National Convention that she recorded it at least a week before the actual convention and didn’t bother to re-record it after Joe Biden picked his VP, Kamala Harris.

And of course, the media were front and center ‘circling the wagons’ and giving Michelle a pass … or at least trying to. GAWD forbid people start thinking Michelle snubbed Kamala! Especially after her own husband said she was one the best-looking attorney general in the country.


Jake Tapper was happy to report it soon after the convention had ended:

But you’d think something like a VP nod would be worth going back to record again or at least add another piece, right?

Per Sharyl Attkisson …

Sharyl is right, you know.

That’s more than odd.

But hey, what do we know? We just work here.

Right? Nothing says you’re all in with Biden like pre-recording your speech from your mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.


She did indeed.



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