Herd immunity.

We hear a lot about that these days … unless it’s from an ‘expert’ like Fauci, although even he has said it’s safe to vote in person.

COVID data has started painting a very different picture, one that shows America likely has herd immunity already and this should all be just another annoying AF political nightmare come September. Except of course it’s an election year and a certain party needs us to remain miserable and hopeless so Trump doesn’t win.

Seriously, this thread is definitely worth a read.

So a large gathering caused a spike.

Sort of like those protests?

Just guessin’.

One significant spike.

Meaning lockdowns were backasswards stupid.

Ding ding ding.

For being a ‘pandemic’ people do seem to be surviving in rather large numbers.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Ill-conceived, damaging, AND POLITICAL.

If it bleeds it leads.


They are not on anybody’s side.

In other words, politicians and the media are milking COVID for political gain, and it’s hurting Americans.



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