There’s a reason Kamala Harris couldn’t win more support during the Democratic primaries and it’s not just her obnoxious personality or willingness to bully and intimidate people for political gain. No no, the reason even the Democrats didn’t want her was actually based on her abysmal policy ideas.

Especially around health care.

RNC Research put together a fairly damning thread reminding EVERYONE how badly Kamala sucks when it comes to this particular area:

Have fun with that whole Kamala thing, Biden.

But wait, it gets better!

Good times.

Remember that? Man, it feels like a different world back then but yup, Kamala was under fire for being open to dismantling union health care.

Big fun.

Gotta love those big-government Democrats.

Oh, wait.

She knew she needed someone to vote for her.



When even the Bernie Sanders crew is calling you out for tax hikes? Yikes.

Biden is still trying to claim he picked her because she comes from the biggest state.

*eye rolls*



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