Welp, it’s about damn time Durham interviewed John Brennan.

Not that we expect him to actually cooperate or answer any real questions, but knowing the interview is happening warms this editor’s cold, dead heart.

Brennan? Smart?

The guy lied to Congress under oath … we’re not sure he’s the brightest crayon in the box.

But we’ve so enjoyed making fun of Page and Strzok aka the two clowns.

Ok, Brennan too.

From Creative Destruction Media:

Attorney General Bill Barr ordered the investigation into how the CIA and the FBI used their power to look at the Trump campaign, and then used the information to tie the then-candidate to Russia.  The subsequent Mueller investigation, which found no collusion, spent millions of American taxpayer dollars and dominated the news cycle for months.  Durham’s request to interview Barr indicates the end may be in sight for the investigation into how the Obama administration went after President Trump and his team.  Barr also said that he would not wait till after the election to show the results of the investigation.  Biden, who was part of the Obama administration, will have a lot of explaining to do to his voters if the investigation shows misuse of power, and it would change the course of the election significantly.  Barr has made his opinion known that he believed the Obama administration grossly misused their power to open a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign and that they deliberately tried to connect him to Russia.

We’d say get the popcorn but we’ve seen so many of these things turn out to be nothing burgers.

What’s he HIDING?


Lead suspect at a macro level.


No wonder Brenna is so busy tweeting nonsense like this:

If anyone knows about being corrupt and malfeasance, it’s Brennan.



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