The fact no one really trusts traditional media is truly the media’s own fault.

People simply can’t rely on them to tell the whole story, and Richard Grenell was good enough to tell them why.

Even if they probably don’t want to hear it.

But tell us how you REALLY feel, Richard. Heh.

Truth hurts.

There has never been more of a need for an objective, fact-reporting media than NOW, but they’re all too busy playing politics.

No agendas?!

But then who will write mean things about the ‘bAd OrAnGe MaN?’

James Rosen, Sharyl Attkisson, Brit Hume … there are still a few out there.

Keyword, few.

Winner winner chicken dinner.


And yet totally fair.

Those clicks and retweets aren’t going to click and retweet themselves.



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