Media and Leftist talking heads’ entire narrative claiming these ‘protesters’ are just fighting the good fight while trying to blaming Trump for the violence and the rioting is starting to fall apart. Would seem the violence occurring in cities where there is no federal law enforcement agents sort of debunks that whole theory which is not only hurting the anti-Trump movement but the entire Democratic Party.

And most importantly, Biden.

Byron York was good enough to embarrass those doing their darndest to make this Trump’s fault in three pretty spot-on tweets:

How can you blame Trump for the violence when there are no agents in the cities?

Ok, so that’s a dumb question because these people could find a way to blame Trump for cancer but still … logically it makes zero sense.

We know. Logically THEY make no sense.

Moderates and independents are seeing how violent and dangerous the real Left really is. They are seeing that electing a kindly old white dude like Biden who doesn’t know which state he’s in most of the time is not actually what they’d be voting for.

The violence, the screaming, the destruction, THAT is what they’d be voting for if they vote for Biden.


Awww … poor media. Too late though.

We see you.

We see all of you.

Welcome to 2020.

Yup, it just keeps getting dumber.



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