We’re starting to think these writers are just trolling.

Seriously with this nonsense?

From America Magazine:

It may well be that watching the video leaves some viewers with an unnamed sense that what they are witnessing is a crucifixion. But whether named or not, the act carries resonant force beyond measure—exactly as it was designed to do from the beginning.

Death by lynching and death by crucifixion are atrocities of the worst order. In terms of the awfulness of what is suffered by an individual human being, there is no material difference between them. In terms of what such killings say about the societies in which they are committed, however, there are differences that matter.

Ummm … what?

Pretty sure Jesus was the son of God and rose from the grave.

Floyd, not so much.

Just sayin’.

Something like that.

Trolling for clicks.

Gotta be.

We read a lot of dumb things but that … that was impressively dumb.

WTG, America Magazine.



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