We can’t remember the last time Brian Stelter actually referenced an actual, named source in one of his claims. Must be nice to share a story based allegedly on a source familiar with Trump’s thinking … what, did his source call the Psychic Network?

So annoying.

From CNN: (we know, yuck)

The image appears to show Trump wearing a mask with the presidential seal at his visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center earlier this month — his first and only time so far donning a facial covering in public after months of refusing to be seen doing so in public amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The shift to encouraging mask-wearing was primarily motivated by floundering poll numbers, a source familiar with the President’s thinking told CNN.

For months, aides tried to get Trump to wear a mask, saying they could have “MAGA”, “Trump-Pence 2020” or even the American flag printed on them. But he steadfastly refused and only wore a mask once in public.

But it wasn’t until a meeting with campaign aides at the White House last week, where aides bluntly told him even internal numbers showed Americans didn’t approve of his response, that Trump relented, according to an official who attended that meeting.

Another nameless, faceless official.

Brian so had this coming.

He does enjoy his donuts.

Ridiculous, right?

Every day.



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