You’ve gotta love how hard the media and the Left (yeah yeah, same difference) are working to paint Sleepy Joy Biden as some sort of moderate so he can appeal to more than just their vapid, frothy-mouthed, Trump-hating base. But since Biden has been an elected official since before God was a boy, it’s pretty easy to find clips that show who he REALLY is.

Like when he called homosexuals ‘security risks.’

Once again, Richard has the receipts.

From Fox News:

“My gut reaction,” Joe Biden reportedly declared in 1973, “is that they [homosexuals] are security risks, but I must admit I haven’t given this much thought…I’ll be darned!’”

He made that remark during a meeting with constituents, concerning the issue of gay people working in the federal government, according to a local news article unearthed last year by The Washington Free Beacon.

As the nation celebrates Pride Month, that comment from Biden’s first year in the U.S. Senate, and other previous remarks, stand in stark contrast to more recent positions and the image the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is now presenting concerning his gay rights record.

Concerning his gay rights record.

And his racist record.

And his cognitive decline.

Trump was the first president to enter the White House fully supporting gay rights and gay marriage.

Man, he was old THEN.


Of course not.

Narrative is KING ya’ know.



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