Brian Schatz might want to save the pandering to score cheap political points for a voting base that actually cares about what he has to say. Did he really think this was a smart tweet? Seriously.

Democrats should be freaking out about Portland considering it’s people in THEIR PARTY who keep allowing these cities to be destroyed by a bunch of Antifa as*-nuggets. The Libertarian Party responded … big time:

Except Brian isn’t trying to work together, he’s trying to slam and shame Libertarians.


You know what, who knows anymore? We don’t.



A libertarian stepped up to truly school ol’ Schatz-Head on what Libertarians really believe:

Get him.

What she said.

Have fun with that, Mayor Ted Wheeler.

In your safe space even.

What a joke.

Imagine if Schatz actually paid attention to the group of people he’s trying to lecture.

Way to piss the entire Libertarian Party off, Bri.



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