We say this a lot.

When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.

Especially when it comes to members of the legacy media.

On Thursday, Kayleigh McEnany spoke about kids going back to school, and in supporting her point she talked about the science explaining that it was on ‘their side.’ Media being the media, took one sentence of her entire explanation out of context to pretend she said science shouldn’t stand in the way of kids going to school.

Yes, they’re disgusting.

Drew Holden was good enough to do this editor’s job for her and put together a LOOOOOOONG thread of the various media types and talking heads pushing this deliberately misquoted line:

That’s what they do.

Acosta is just a toad.





And nobody pays attention to the correction which is fine because they already got the reaction they wanted.

Bill Nye the not-science guy.


Death dealing?


Holy crap.

We’re shocked Palmer didn’t delete his tweet considering the coward typically does.

Remember when Popehat was someone we wrote about because he was smart?

Good times.

Because, of course.

He was right.

Keep going.

Grifters are gonna grift.


Conservative blogger to the rescue!

We think they’re sharing the account.

Over and over again.

Job security for us! Whoohoo!

As long as he took some Gas-X before tweeting.

Tell us about it.

It is both bad faith and laziness.

And all about hurting the ‘bad orange man.’

But you knew that.



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