We know you likely have no idea who Mark D. Levine is because we didn’t either until we took a gander at his bio. Seems he’s the Chair of the NYC Health Council. Hrm. Wonder if he has any connection to their Health Commissioner who told thousands of New Yorkers to go to Chinatown to prove they weren’t racists when Trump started banning travel from China.

Anywho, Mark wants you all to know wearing a mask is not a political statement.


Oh, and about that whole Chinatown connection?

Truly inspiring.


Science sure seems like a fickle b*tch these days, ya’ know?

Ding ding ding.

Anyone from NYC should probably take a seat. So many of them.

If you’re rioting apparently the virus won’t bother you because racism is more dangerous or something.




Mr. Meeseeks rules.

‘Nuff said.


Wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the science.



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