Brit Hume shared a story that resonated with most thinking people because only morons would believe the country can keep unraveling at this pace and survive. Note, we do indeed see the irony of claiming there are any ‘thinking people’ on Twitter these days …

But there are a few.

This article is great:

From Commentary Magazine:

To rewrite the present, the mob has rewritten the past. They have forced upon us a distorted and grotesque version of American history. With the support of corporations and education boards, school textbooks and curricula tell of an unredeemable America founded not on the promise of human liberty but human bondage. What’s more, this history discounts the transformative progress on racial equality for which Americans—black and white—have given their lives.

Through the violent politicization of all aspects of American life, the mob aims to destroy the country as we know it and replace it with a new one—an anti-America that trades speech for violence, police for thought police, a free press for an indoctrination network, and the respect due the citizen for the obeisance owed the mob.

The piece is actually pretty exceptional.

But as we said above, not everyone agreed:

‘You old conservative white men.’

Where have we heard this before?

Oh yeah.


In fact, it’s such a boring ‘troll’ response that we typically wouldn’t bother with it IF Brit hadn’t come back with the perfect response:

Admit it, you hear Brit’s voice when you read the tweet.

Different day, same lame talking point.

Welcome to Twitter.



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