Aubrey Huff released a fairly powerful tweet/video about not wearing a mask … when the tweet says, ‘Take your mask and stick it where the sun don’t shine?’

Yeah, you know it’s gonna be LIT.


Good stuff.

Which is probably why Tom Arnold got his panties all wadded up. Not entirely sure why he thought threatening Aubrey was a good idea but it is Tom we’re talking about here …

Him talk tough.

We’re shocked he’s not telling Rob Reiner they should borrow their dad’s hunting rifles again.

Also, Aubrey didn’t say anything about Trump so we’re not entirely sure why Tom went there. Unless of course, it’s his TDS which is clearly off the charts.

Is this like the time Tom threatened to start a Civil War?

Asking for a friend.

We hope not.

Self-awareness does seem to be something Tom lacks.

He is an entertaining little thing, ain’t he?



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