Man oh man. It certainly seems to be raining crap all over Never Trump cult leader Rick Wilson this week. To be fair, this editor really thought his ugly, snide giggling with Don Lemon about ‘dem stoopid Trump-supportin’ rednecks out there’ would have resulted in this sort of arse-whooping but nope.

It took him trolling Domino’s Pizza.

We are living in crazy times, folks.

Drew Holden was good enough to seriously drag Rick for his bazillion or so political missteps over the past few years in what we would call a fairly brutal thread. Someone might want to pass Rick some ice from his Confederate flag cooler for this burn …

Yup, tough break.

Freakin’ Kasich. What a nob that guy is.

Sorry, we digress.

Keep going.



Ahem, tRump, thank you very much.

Not lookin’ great, Rick.



It really was like throwing crap at the wall to see what would stick …

That. ^

Lincoln would never stop throwing up if he saw their PAC.


Been a rough week for ol’ Rick.

Maybe doubling down isn’t the way to go? Just spitballin’.


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