As news outlets stumble all over themselves trying to push fear, panic, and hopelessness about a second round of THE VIRUS, Brit Hume was good enough to share an article about a study proving that lockdowns do not work. Funny how we’re not seeing more of this from the rest of the traditional media.

Wonder why?

Just kidding, we know why.

Mean ol’ Brit, always giving people hope and stuff.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Social-distancing measures reduced person-to-person contact by about 50%, while harsher shelter-in-place rules reduced contact by only an additional 5%. Then, using data on Covid-19 infection and mortality, they estimated that these measures saved 74,000 lives. Finally, after using demographic data to adjust the VSL—which is lower for older people, who have fewer years to live—the study found that the gross benefit of social distancing has been a mere $250 billion.

But wait, there’s more!

An even more recent study from economists affiliated with Germany’s IZA Institute of Labor Economics suggests that the Berkeley estimate of 74,000 lives saved over the past four months is best understood as an upper bound. The reason is that shelter-at-home policies don’t so much reduce Covid-19 deaths as delay them. Delaying deaths will reduce them if a vaccine or cure is found in time. But we can’t be sure that an effective vaccine will be produced and available any time soon.

In other words, open the damn country. ALL OF IT.





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