As a Twitchy editor, sometimes you’ve just gotta post a tweet/video in a Twitchy article and let it speak for itself because it’s just that damn good.

This tweet from Rob Smith addressing the Hollywood whiners who made their mopey, pandering, embarrassing, virtue-signaling on steroids video about how they will take responsibility for being racist as*holes is one of those tweet/videos.

Trust us.


You should … just not be an a*shole.


We especially like how he points out they must not have any black friends in real life. You’d think by now, someone close to these Hollywood types would tell them these videos only cause resentment, anger, and yes, even mockery. Or they should be honest and admit making the video was more about making themselves feel better about their entitled lives …

True story.

Hollywood could learn a thing or two from Rob, yeah?



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