Governor Jay Inslee wants you all to know it’s a challenging time.

Dude sounds like one of those crappy, annoying commercials telling us how we should stay indoors and stop living our lives because of these unprecedented circumstances … blah blah blah. And he’s trying to lecture Trump on leadership while part of his state has been taken over by a bunch of anarchists?

That’s adorable.

They definitely have work to do but not the type he’s talking about.

Peaceful protests are fundamentally American.

Someone should tell Jay what’s happening is actually like ‘Occupy’, but dumber.

CHAZ is not a peaceful protest and both he and Mayor Jenny ‘Do Nothing’ Durkan know this.

Hell, even their Police Chief disagrees with them:

The area is largely peaceful.

Gosh, Jay, calling BS on this.

Threats of military violence?


Wait, WHAT?! Now he cares about the virus?

We can’t even with this dolt.

That works.


But accurate.

Jay. Resign.




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