We’ve said it a lot but yup, the FBI has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

Catherine Herridge, who has really been at the top of her game at CBS, shared screenshots of the newly declassified ‘Annex A’  that cites the infamous Steele dossier in the Intelligence Community Assessment 2016 Russian interference.

You know what, just read her tweets and take a look at her screenshots, she explains it WAY better than we can:

Keep going.

They KNEW the dossier wasn’t credible and yet they still used it three more times to renew warrants against Carter Page.

Shady AF.

We keep waiting …

Nope, we’re too busy being told COVID is racist and so is the entire country.

We really are living in exceptionally stupid times.

They all knew and yet they still wasted years and MILLIONS OF DOLLARS because they couldn’t deal with losing the election in 2016. And honestly, from what we’ve seen so far in 2020 they can’t stand the idea of losing AGAIN and will do whatever it takes to take Trump down, even if that means destroying Americans and their country in the process.

*adjusts tinfoil*



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