Hillary Clinton has a long history of contributing to ‘systemic racism’ in this country, which is why it’s laughable at best for her to tweet about it being ‘long overdue’ for taking meaningful action to dismantle it. We get it, she is desperate to remain relevant (wearing her cute little mask that says VOTE in her avi proves that) but she seems to think people don’t remember who she really is.

Did something change, Hill-dawg? She wanted to bring them to heel in 1996:

And then she said all black men look alike … in 2016:

Ooh, ooh, and this one:

Gosh, it is just our imagination, or are people on the Left as sick of Hillary as we are?

She lost because she’s an unhinged rage-harpy from Hell but this works too.


Democrats who have been in office for decades complaining about the very systemic racism they have done NOTHING to fix.


Any day now, right?


It IS a cult.

Sorry, not sorry.



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