Thomas Sowell tweeted the following about racism in America and unfortunately, the people who really need to read it and take it to heart will likely just ignore it.

Democrats need black Americans to be afraid and angry so they’ll turn out to vote for them while they continue to do very little for that demographic. Instead of truly dealing in legislation that would help black Americans, Democrats for example take down statues and pretend that somehow makes everything better.

Looking at you, Governor Coonman.

Sowell’s tweet is exceptional.

Seriously, right?

We may have also applauded a teensy bit.

They need America divided and angry so they can pretend to care about unity.

Sorry, not sorry.

Hey, Democrats got what they wanted. A country in turmoil, an economy destroyed, the people feeling hopeless and afraid … and all because they knew they couldn’t even begin to compete with Trump otherwise. Remember this in November, that the Left all but championed the destruction of America just so they could regain power.

Just so they could beat Trump.

Nailed it.



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