Anyone else notice how looting a Nike store, setting buildings on fire, and assaulting cops magically did away with COVID? You know, the virus that was supposed to wipe out MILLIONS of Americans if we didn’t lock down and hide our elderly away from their families, shutter our businesses, and place Americans under house arrest?

Funny how it’s somehow ok for thousands of people to ‘protest’ literally on top of one another but we were bad people because we didn’t want our economy to completely implode.

Bethany Mandel said it far better:

We see you, Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi claimed the House can’t be in session because it’s too dangerous but it was ok for her to ‘protest’ with a bunch of people in San Francisco.

It’s all so dumb.

Imagine being the Left and sacrificing the entire country’s economy just to beat Trump.


And it is indeed a scandal.

They canceled the ‘Daddy of ‘Em All’ in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The largest outdoor rodeo in the world that has taken place for 124 years, that not even a world war or the Spanish Flu could shut down. But you know, it’s ok for thousands of people to lay on the ground next to one another in front of the Colorado State Capitol, just 90 miles south of the fairgrounds.

Don’t you love it when men tell conservative women to ‘chill’?

What she said.

Sad but true.

Anything to beat the bad orange man.

Same people.




Look ma, I’m WOKE! Ex-Hillary lackey Brian Fallon’s edgy tweet about defunding the police does NOT go well for him, like at all

And we thought the FART was bad: Rep. Eric Swalwell’s nasty response to Republican Jewish Coalition asking him to apologize for calling Richard Grenell a Nazi is a DOOZY